The city of Heinola is the oldest city in Päijät-Häme.

In 1776, King Gustav III of Sweden, made Heinola the administrative centre of the newly divided Province of Kymenkartano. Originally a village of Hollola Parish, Heinola suddenly became a centre of administration and economic affairs. Heinola's period as the residence town of the province governor brought province officials, a physician, a pharmacy and a hospital to the locality. Commercial life gained pace and the Heinola Fair was popular in the region. The grid plan of the centre of Heinola and present-day Maaherranpuisto Park (Governor Park) derive from the town plan of 1785. The restored Aschan House displays the life of an 18th-century province official and his family.

When Finland became a Grand Duchy of the Russian Empire in 1809, the eastern border was moved further east and the new governor's residence was established further north in Mikkeli. To compensate for these changes, a town charter was sought for Heinola, being granted in 1839. In the late 19th century, spa and a teacher-training seminar were established in Heinola, both which greatly influenced the life of the city and still have a presence in the townscape.

Heinolan kaupunki - City of Heinola


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