Kärkölä is located in southwestern Päijät-Häme.

The municipality of Kärkölä was founded in 1867. Its administrative centre is Järvelä, which was mostly built as a result of the Lahti-Riihimäki railway. Järvelä station was completed in 1869.

The village of Kärkölä is first mentioned in documents from the year 1400. Its name has been said to derive from the word kärkö meaning "billhook", but there is also another explanation. In a map of South Finland from 1776-1805, in an atlas prepared by royal order, Kärkölä is spelt Kärkylä. At the time it belonged to the greater parish of Hollola at its southwest end it formed a point extending into its neighbouring localities of Mäntsälä and Hausjärvi. The Finnish word for point is kärki and the suffix kylä means village, i.e. Kärk'kylä.

The road passing through the village of Kärkölä Church mainly follows the route of the late-medieval highway leading from the inland regions to Porvoo on the south coast. Landmarks amidst the wide-open fields of Kärkölä are the church, built in 1887-1889 and a lane of silver firs leading to the park of Huovila manor. Owned by the Collin family, Huovila was laid out with a landscape park including ponds in the late 19th century. The park has been restored and it is also the site of the Kärkölä local heritage museum.

Kärkölän kunta - Municipality of Kärkölä (in Finnish)


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