Mäntsälä is located at the border of Uusimaa and Päijät-Häme, near Helsinki region.

The origins of the municipality of Mäntsälä date from 1585, when the Chapelric of Mäntsälä was established as part of the parish of Porvoo. Mäntsälä became an independent congregation in 1616. Mäntsälä has been strongly influenced the many manors of the region. Their history is full of strong women, resourceful men and colourful events. Many of them are still privately owned, functioning farms.

A museum manor in Mäntsälä is Alikartano in Numminen, which tells of the history of the Nordenskiöld family. Hirvihaara manor is a hotel, and Sälinkää manor is a restaurant for booked events. Saari manor has a school of horticulture and farming, providing training for florists among other occupations.

Operating in connections with the municipal archives is a local heritage archive containing, among other material, the records of local civic associations and discontinued businesses. The municipality of Mäntsälä has also compiled a large archive of photographs. The material can be studied by special appointment.

Mäntsälän kunta - Municipality of Mäntsälä (in English)


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