Padasjoki is located in northwestern Päijät-Häme.

Several Stone Age dwelling sites and Iron Age cemeteries have been discovered at Padasjoki, and there was an ancient hillfort at Linnasaari in Virmaila in Padasjoki. Most of the villages of Padasjoki date from the Middle Ages, being mentioned in sources from the 15th century. The earliest information on the administrative parish of Padasjoki is from 1442.

In January 1597, a battle of the so-called War of the Clubs was fought at Padasjoki, where peasant insurgents of Häme met the troops of Arvid and Ivar Tawast. The peasants first defended themselves successfully, but finally suffered a crushing defeat and some 400 men were killed. A monument from the 1930s stands at the battle site.

Padasjoki has had a wide range of industries since the mid-19th century, particularly at Arrakoski where industries came under way in the early 1850s. Among other structures, a mill, dairy and electric power station from the early 20th century have survived in the industrial village of Arrakoski. Local crafts traditions are presented in the village smithy museum in Torittu village. Blacksmiths lived in the community from the 18th century until the 1950s.

Padasjoen kunta - Municipality of Padasjoki (in FInnish)


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