Sysmä is located in northern Päijät-Häme.

The municipality of Sysmä has a long history. Approximately 170 prehistoric sites and remains are known from the area, 50 of which are offering stones marked with cup-shaped depressions. Many of the antiquities are from the Late Iron Age, when Sysmä was an important centre in its region. Owing to its old settlement, Sysmä also has important traditional biotope areas where ancient plants dating from the Iron Age still grow.

Sysmä was first mentioned as a parish in sources from 1442. This historical parish of Sysmä in East Häme comprised present-day Sysmä, Hartola, Joutsa, Leivonmäki and Luhanka, and parts of Mäntyharju and Asikkala. It is now known as a parish of manors and culture. Some of the local manors are shown to the public on special guided tours. The summer in Sysmä features a wide range of cultural events, such as the Sysmän Suvisoitto musical performances and the Kirjakyläpäivät book festival. 

Sysmän kunta – Municipality of Sysmä (in English)


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